Student Debt Statistics In 2018

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Loans for Students

Introduction Student loan debt is one of the highest consumer debts in the category of loans and proves higher than both credit cards and secured form. The statistics edition presented in this article will provide data on loan outlays, payments of loans and borrower activity for English domiciled learners pursuing Higher Education (HE) and Further […]

Tenant Loans

Basics of a Tenant Loan

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Tenant loans

Are you renting or living with friends and family and in need of a loan? Loan Princess’s lending team specialise in matching tenants who want to borrow money with specialist finance companies offering loans to non-homeowners. We can even help borrowers who are 18 years old. Many tenants worry that, because they don’t yet own […]

Payday Loans

Payday Loans Are Safer: Not Cheaper

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Payday Loan

Short-term lending is not a new concept, but its applications that we come across are the spawn offs of a technological revolution that is still underway. A Payday Loan, the most talked about element of short-term lending is not an exception to it as well. These loans are convenient for specific needs and untimely financial […]