A house becomes your home in real terms not after signing the deed but after you customize it according to your lifestyle. A lot of people face severe problems because of neglecting the home innovation/maintenance requirements when these are little. The major reason for neglecting home improvement is the shortage of budget, but you don’t need to worry at all.

Loan Princess offers comprehensive brokering services for home improvement loans in the UK so that you can avail adequate funds from reputed lenders at the best interest rate available.

Home improvement is a never-ending requirement with sky-high scope but it involves investments also. If you have shortage of funds and need urgent cash for the purpose, you need a reliable source to get the funds.

Whether you have a good history, bad history or no history, you can contact us for broking service on available home improvement loans.

Home improvement loans as the name suggests are loans to finance expenses needed for refurbishment of your home or part of home. You can even use personal loans or other types of credit solutions for the purpose, however, applying for home improvement loan could entail you better rate.


We at Loan Princess have simplified the complete process of availing home improvement loans. You neither need to visit the lenders’ offices frequently, nor need to do time-consuming and mind engaging follow-ups.

We forward no obligation personalised proposals to you; you can accept or may ask to make the intended changes.

We respect the fact that taking a loan is your personal matter; therefore, we never share your information in complete or in part to anyone. Whatsoever be your location in the UK, we have a dependable network of experienced professionals and reputed lending companies to help you promptly.


loan with the bad credit score from a regulated financial institution is almost impossible; even if you succeed to get, it would be at a very high-interest rate with a rigid repayment schedule. Here, at Loan Princess, we work in close association with our customers and help them to deal with only registered lenders who lend for home improvement. We ask you to fix repayment schedule only after assessing your repayment capability. Although there is a scope of extension for repayment period in every loan but we always recommend paying the debt at the earliest.

We have very transparent policies and we extend support to our clients for their queries.

Example Apr

We compare loans that can be paid back over between 1 and 25 years. The APR interest rate you’ll be charged depends on your personal circumstances, and will be between 3.2% and 99.9%.
This is a representative example of what it may cost: a loan of £7,500 over 60 months at 3.3% APR would equate to monthly repayments of £135.60, and the total cost of the loan that you pay back would be £8,136.22.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For more information, go to MONEYADVICESERVICE.ORG.UK
Credit subject to status & affordability assessment by Lenders.
Loan Princess is a credit broker and not a lender