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Season’s Top 5 Home Improvements

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When we think about home improvement or home renovation, the scope of possibilities is endless. We want our living spaces to be the symbols of perfection and comfort when we set about for something like this.

Our aspirations exceed the practical reality of resources and the cost of it exceeds our budget’s proximity. Home improvement is not just a physical element of change in our homes, it is more like a prodigy of our living standards and things we aspire. Moreover, it reflects our vision of comfort and luxury in a living space.

We grow old and attached to the places we live in. With age and time, even we get wrinkled and weak. So does the little piece of heaven we call home, it needs attention as well. But all this comes with financial and creative dimensions of need. So what to do when you don’t have the money and when you don’t have an idea of how to improve your home?

Don’t worry, let this be your guiding light. Today, I would tell you 5 tried and tested ways to improve your home affordably and innovatively. Some things that can add more value and the comfort to your home simultaneously.

“A home-improvement which is affordable and comfortable is even profitable in every intent”

This list is an ensemble of renovation hacks to make your home an epitome of innovation, with a tint of an artistic approach to it.

The top 5 home-improvements this season:

1. Convert your unused cellar into a relaxing lounge

Converting these spaces provides shelter from the chilly winters and extra space for the sought-after man cave you always wanted. With a cosy little couch, a beer bar and a T.V for entertainment, it will become the coolest corner of your home. You can even club it up with some cool LED lights to rev-up the party mood this Christmas. That old sofa or recliner you were to throw away can definitely be a cool addition to the crib. Properly cleaned and polished till it’s new, it would definitely add more character to this space. A simple wall poster of your favourite band can be another contemplation of coolness you can have. It will definitely be a conversation starter while the next once you invite your buddies for a game.

2. Tidy up the Garden

Tidying up a garden would not cost as much, but would add worthy elements of serenity to your home. Cleaning up the mess and removing dead leaves and plants would do half the trick, trimming off the greenery as a habit for would definitely pluck the right string of harmony in your lifestyle. This way your kerb and the first impression of your home is good forever. Placing some old furniture, a table and a couple of chairs would add more to this consortium of nature and happiness. Bring in more colours than green, different coloured pots and hangings plants would suffice. A simple wine with colourful flowers would do wonders to the entrance and tail the whole theme along.

3. Use up the garage space if you park outside

Use the garage space and make it a study or a library. This would certainly add a texture of intellect to your lifestyle. Flaunt the collection of fictions and romantics you drool over to your mates. Start a conversation about the new book you just read and invite your confidante for a wine tasting session maybe? A perfect answer for the chilly weekends when you don’t wish to step out in the snow and all you need is some company and a glass of wine to gel things up.

4. Change the colour scheme

Changing the colour scheme is one affordable hack to change the overall mood of your place. A coat of bright sunshine in your home is always going to elevate the bright smile on your face. Get to the local store and browse through different colour schemes and make it a DIY (do it yourself) project. These things rejuvenate your mental health along, painting a house with your loved ones would bring those cherished memories alive.

5. Make your home to be environment-friendly

Installing solar panels and solar heating devices is one step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle. It saves on your energy consumption and adds more nature-friendly quotient of your home. This improves the value of your house and transforms it into a more comfortable and user-friendly household. You must contribute to the environment, the returns are great and guaranteed.

        But nothing is free in this world except happiness and all these things would cost you money. When you think about improving your home, money should not restrict your thoughts. But it is a deciding factor in such things and you shouldn’t cut holes in your pockets to make up for your lifestyle needs.

Therefore, when your budget restricts you, avail external help. Home-owner loans and home-improvement loans are two names that come to my mind in such cases. When obtained via FCA regulated loan brokers like Loan Princess in the UK, it brings in more security and goodness to you. These loan brokers adhere to an ethical code of conduct through the process and provide the rights and responsibilities entitled to you by the city’s watchdog, FCA.

Your home is the face of your lifestyle, it reflects your passion, your character, your demeanour and the overall mood. So light it up and live it up as far as you need.