Homeowner Loans

A Complete Guide to Homeowner Loans

A Complete Guide to Homeowner Loans

With rising inflation and stagnant wages, many households are finding it hard to pay for their debts, leave alone the improvement costs! Borrowing money is a real challenge. However, the ease of borrowing loans can help them raise additional money with minimum distress.

An online homeowner loan is a type of unsecured personal loan, which means you don’t need to put some form of collateral to get the loan. It is a great way to get funds for an extensive period of time. The value of the home plays a large part in the amount that you can borrow. It works by taking your “home equity” into account. However, your creditworthiness may help in the approval in case of unsecured loan.

Homeowner loans are intended for borrowers who do not wish to keep their property at stake at the time of borrowing a loan. Also, for individuals who need a short amount of money for a brief period.

Major takeaways of this article are:

  • Basic Eligibility Criteria for Homeowner Loans
  • How much does the loan cost?
  • How to choose the right loan?
  • Different ways to use a homeowner loan
  • Pros and Cons of Homeowner Loans
  • How to Apply for a Homeowner Loan?

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Homeowner Loans

The basic eligibility that you need to follow when applying for a loan are:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or above.
  • Have a functional bank account in your name.
  • You must be a citizen of the UK.
  • Have a house in your name.
  • Give proof of employment or an active source of income.

How much does the credit cost?

The interest charge defines the main cost of the loan you can borrow. However, there are no other fees and charges that are implied by the FCA regulated lenders that you may need to watch out for.

  • Interest

The interest is rated for the duration of your loan and is added automatically to your repayments.

The type of interest rate you can choose from has a stance on the overall cost:

  • Variable APR could change over time.
  • Fixed APR stays the same throughout the duration of your loan.

How to choose the right loan?

Most unsecured loans are accessible through a broker or a direct lender, so to get the most suitable one you need to consider the below mentioned points carefully:

  • How much you need to borrow: Budget your accounts and precisely manage what you need to obtain. If it is less than £25,000, you could consider some other unsecured credits like- short-term loans, payday loans or instalment loans.
  • Work out your loan to value: You will need an exact estimate of your home to get the most favourable deals on unsecured homeowner loans.
  • Choose your desired loan term: After computing your expenses and repayment strategy, act out on to decide the duration and payments that you can afford, and need to pay back for your loan.
  • Check your credit score: Credit score can act as a major determinant for your loan consent. So, make sure there are no slips on your credit report.

Different ways to use a homeowner loan

  • Homeowner loans are useful as it helps the borrower to use it for consolidating or repaying their prior debts.
  • The loan is ideal for home renovation projects or enhancements like remodelling parts of the house, or to buy furniture or other essentials.
  • Homeowner loans can also be used for personal uses, as well, people who opt for homeowner loans can use the money in various ways according to their suitability and requirements.

Pros and Cons of Homeowner Loans


  • No collateral or mortgage is required to acquire homeowner loan.
  • People with bad credit ratings can also apply for such loans.
  • Quick and easy formalities of the application process to apply for the loan.
  • The flexible repayment term of the loan.


  • High-interest rates as compared to secured loans.
  • Non-repayment can affect your credit scores.

How to Apply for a Homeowner Loan?

You can easily apply for loans for homeowners with Loan Princess. We are an FCA registered loan broker and deal with regulated lenders only. We’ve designed our application process to ease the borrowing process.

Bottom Line

Depending on the significance of your financial circumstances, you must choose a credit product that fits well for your requirements. Moreover, ensure the repayments. It is always considered wise to borrow what you can manage to repay and thus, create a repayment plan before you enter into a legal settlement with the lender. Think wisely and act smartly!

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