7 Tips to Save Money on Halloween

7 Tips to Save Money on Halloween

The most fun holiday of the year is probably Halloween, isn’t it? You can certainly stuff your face with Christmas dinner and luxuriate in all the socks your relatives bring you. But if not Halloween, when else will you have the opportunity to dress up in a costume, run around in the dark pretending to be something you’re not, gorge on sweets, and howl at the moon?

The holiday is a great time to indulge in all things spooky and dark, and you can do so without breaking the bank. Here are 7 Halloween money-saving tips to help you save this year.

Boo! 7 superb tips to save money on Halloween

Don’t let a cash crunch spook you this Halloween – check these 7 money-saving tips to make your Halloween bash lit!

Be on a lookout for cheap Halloween treats

When shopping for sweets on special occasions, you don’t need to spend a fortune to ward off tricksters. Wilko’s Halloween pick and mix is half off. With its ‘#Squad Ghouls’ promotion, B&M has a range of treats that are a little more terrifying. Candy brains, gummy eyeballs, and even marshmallow brains are all available at low prices. Special offers at Tesco include clementine and mandarins that are easy to peel. Comparing prices can help you make smart purchases.

Thrift shop your Halloween look

If you’re looking for outfits, second-hand stores and used clothing stores are gold mines, but you have to be on the lookout early.  You want to be in front of the crowd when people are searching for last-minute costume ideas at the end of October. The clothing at these shops can cost between £5 and £10 a piece, while accessories can be as low as £1. You can certainly browse thrift stores to find costumes that you can dress up as if you have an idea in mind. If you’re out of ideas, perhaps a visit will spark your imagination.

Hit the Pound stores to buy party decorations

You are likely to find a Pound store with some interesting items of decor in your area, and you most certainly will find some intriguing stuff in the store. You can make garlands of bats and skulls with construction paper: pick up some packages for £1 each in the craft section. Party shops will likely have black and orange streamers you can intertwine, and perhaps even a separate Halloween section, depending on how big the store is.

Alternatively, you could test your creativity by making DIY decorations at home. Sort out your childhood stuff from the attic and use your old toys to make creepy dolls – the possibilities are endless!

Ditch the patch: buy your pumpkin from the grocery store

Pumpkin patches are fun, but if you’re looking for ways to save money, you shouldn’t purchase your pumpkins there. Go to your local grocery store and get pumpkins and check for two-for-one deals that you may find at some vendors. Ultimately, a pumpkin is just a pumpkin.

Get creative with your Halloween gift cards

There are a lot of people who like to send out sweet Halloween gift cards to their families and friends. A lovely greeting card does not have to cost you five pounds – even if you want to send one to your favourite niece who loves pink and glitter. Create spooky characters with some cardstock and some creative drawing. Remember to tape on some sweet treats as well! You’re most likely to find the two-for-a-pound cards along the aisle if you’re looking for a store-bought card. It is not necessary to send a card, either.

Don’t open all your treats or gift bags at once

If you have an unopened box of sweets, you can use it for another occasion, or on Halloween next year. Alternatively, you could use it as a Christmas gift for a friend or colleague. Similarly, unopened or unused gifts can be repacked and repurposed on some other occasion. So, stay practical and only open what you need.

Shop in advance for your next Halloween bash

Almost everything you need for Halloween can be bought after the season has passed, except pumpkins, which are unlikely to last until next October. At the start of November, many shops will want to make way for Christmas goods by clearing out their themed products quickly. You may find great deals on treats, costumes, and decorations. By purchasing them now, you will almost eliminate the cost of next year’s Halloween and Bonfire Night events.


The possibilities for saving money on Halloween are endless. Simple and effective hacks and tips like these will get you where you want to go. Budget-friendly Halloween doesn’t mean cutting corners or skipping anything. Making a few simple changes will help you keep your budget intact while still enjoying a fun and frightful Halloween!